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Pic nic al tramonto... stellato!

On Friday 29 July and Friday 26 August, Villa Reale noble estate, near Marlia, will offer a wonderful "chicnic" under the stars, thanks to the collaboration of the renowned Butterfly restaurant in Marlia and the SurReale bistrot in the city center that will delight guests with their excellent dishes. 

An exclusive and certainly unforgettable experience, which will allow you to experience the gardens of the Villa in a unique way, refreshing yourself at the foot of wonderful monuments illuminated by the moon and stars. The park will open after 6pm, but we suggest you arrive at least half an hour earlier to take your time to visit the place and collect your basket and bottle of wine by 7.30 pm. before heading to the designated picnic spot.

Villa Reale- 55014 Marlia (Capannori)

29/07/2022 |

26/08/2022 |

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