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“Il Risveglio della Natura” /



Entrance: free
Period of development: 4th June - 4th September
Municipality/Location: Lucca

The city of Lucca hosts from 4 June to 4 September "Il Risveglio della Natura ", a temporary exhibition spread along the streets and squares of the city center, as well as in two indoor locations, of 45 sculptures created by the famous Pablo Atchugarry, curated by Gian Guido Grassi.

It is a set of sculptures in marble, wood and bronze that interact with the cultural, historical and artistic tradition of Lucca, works that seem to free themselves from the material weight by rising towards the sky and the light.

Five of them are located  in Piazza San Martino, in Piazza San Michele, at the Agorà Cultural Center, in Porta San Pietro and on the Walls at the San Frediano bulwark. The outdoor setting continues until September 30th. Also ten wooden works are   found in the Church “Chiesa dei Servi”, while the spectacular works in white Carrara marble, black from Belgium and pink from Portugal are housed in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, along with some bronzes.

04/06/2022 - 04/09/2022 |
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