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Exhibition on Napoleon at the Ancient Mint of Lucca



Entrance: not free
Address: Museo della Zecca
District/Location: Lucca

An exhibition conceived to celebrate the bicentenary of Napoleon's death, in one of the cities that best preserve the traces of his Empire. An initiative resulting from a careful study of the stamps combined with the original medals, kindly granted by the Bartolomei family, heir of Barsanti. Thanks to the exhibition it is possible to retrace the salient stages of Bonaparte, his life and his expeditions, learn about his political and family entourage, the administrative and social reforms carried out and the most significant episodes of his reign.

Fondazione Antica Zecca Lucca

10/09/2021 - 31/08/2022 | Mostra su Napoleone all'Antica Zecca di Lucca
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Museo della Zecca - Lucca 9:30-12:30 14:00-16:00

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