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Lucca Mystery: along an “S” shape itinerary.


Lucca offers lots of opportunities for anyone : art, culture, food, entertainment. The city walls  are wonderful and also hide secrets. The question marks you find  on the map indicate  oddities and curiosities and  describe what you will find once you reach the point of interest.

It’s an opportunity for  a relaxing walk around Lucca and  visit places such as the Botanical Garden or have an aperitif in Piazza  Anfiteatro.


What about sightseeing ?

The  itinerary touches spots of interest scattered around the city, so that you can decide how many to visit and whether to visit them. Some of them can be observed without entering inside, such as the Devil's Scratches, while others, such as the Gate of Hell in the Church of Sant'Agostino, must well pay a visit. The same goes for the Botanical Garden: the idea of ​​seeing Lucida Mansi's pond could tempt you. The why not  buy your  entrance ticket and  be amazed fo find out much more besides the mystery! As you can see from the map, the various points of interest are located in strategic areas and easily reachable on foot, so you can stop for an aperitif or a lunch / dinner in one of the numerous restaurants that you encounter while strolling by. The question marks also allow  you to visit different areas of the city, thus exploring even the narrowest and most hidden streets, perhaps feeling more like a traveler than a tourist or, why not, an explorer.


“S” shape  itinerary :


Departure from Porta San Pietro

Labyrinth - Cathedral of San Martino, 6 minutes on foot

Lucida Mansi - Botanical Garden, 5 minutes on foot

La Meridiana - Santa Maria Forisportam, 4 minutes on foot

The Devil's Stone - Palazzo Bernardini, 3 minutes on foot

Diamante - Piazza San Michele, 3 minutes on foot

Gate of Hell - Church of Sant’Agostino, 5 minutes on foot

Porta dell’Angelo - Basilica of San Frediano, 4 minutes on foot

Acoustics - Piazza Anfiteatro, 2 minutes on foot

Scratches of the Devil - Church of San Pietro Somaldi, 2 minutes on foot

Return by  the city walls so as to have a panoramic view of the city 


Without considering stops, it is a walk of about 30 minutes, perfectly accessible for anyone. Obviously, the tourist / traveler / explorer can decide to stop according to their needs, perhaps to visit a place for longer (for example, the Botanical Garden is worth at least an hour) or a lunch/dinner in a restaurant.

Starting the tour in the morning there is the opportunity to arrive in Piazza Anfiteatro just for lunch time, taste typical dishes, and have a look at the Devil's Scratches.

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