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In 2024 the Viareggio Carnival celebrates 151 years of life under the sign of a vivid tradition such as the long-established European tradition of Carnival festivals. It is no doubt one of the best known events in Italy. Each year the Viareggio Carnival attracts more than 600.000  spectators gathering to attend the magic of the grand parades of large  floats in  papier-maché.
The peculiarity of the Viareggio Carnival consists in giant, allegorical papier-maché floats - the biggest ones weighing about forty tons - and expresses today the old knowledge that goes back to the ancient ‘trionfi’ (war-victory feastings) of the Renaissance, adhering even more to the building techniques of the  big sailing boats, a  pride of Viareggio traditions.
Viareggio, Viale a mare

03/02/2024 | 1st PARADE - Open ceremony, 4 pm
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08/02/2024 | 2nd PARADE - 6 pm
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11/02/2024 | 3rd PARADE - 3 pm
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13/02/2024 | 4th PARADE - 5 pm
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18/02/2024 | 5th PARADE - 3 pm
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24/02/2024 | 6th PARADE - Closing ceremony, 5 pm
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