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Lucca, historic centre
on foot - 2.2 Km

1. Puccini’s birth house is the starting point of the city itinerary, in Corte San Lorenzo, in the Terziere of San Paolino. The house is now a museum that exhibits documents, memories, thoughts and atmospheres of a life lived to the full. 
2. The church, dedicated to Saint Paulinus (Via San Paolino 128), is just a few minutes away along the street of the same name, on theright. Once the parish church of the Puccini family, it was here that the young Giacomo made his debut as an artist with his end-of-year recital. 
3. We retrace our steps, towards Piazza San Michele, home to the church where the young Giacomo gave organ lessons to his only pupil. 4. From here we head along Via Roma until we reach the very central Via Fillungo. In Puccini’s time, this street was dotted with beautiful Art Nouveau-style shop windows. Be sure to stop by the Antico Caffè Di Simo (Via Fillungo 58). 
5. Past the church dedicated to San Frediano (piazza San Frediano), we turn right onto Via Busdraghi and head for Piazza San Pietro Somaldi. The church here is home to a precious organ, the restoration of which Puccini oncefamous financed, which features his autograph signature on one corner. 6. Walking along the side streets off the square, we reach Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. 
7. Leaving the south gate, from Via Canuleia we catch a glimpse of the plume of holm oaks at the top of the Guinigi Tower. At the foot of the tower, we turn onto Via Sant’Andrea and then Via Sant’Anastasio. 
8. The street is flanked by the large Conservatorio building where the young Puccini studied (piazza del Suffragio, 6). 
9. Leaving the Conservatorio behind and walking along Via Santa Croce, Piazza Bernardini, Corte del Gallo and then Via del Battistero, we arrive at the Lucca Cathedral dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours, a treasure trove of art and tradition. 
10. Leaving the Cathedral, we reach Piazza del Giglio and its theatre. On his return to Lucca as an acclaimed composer, Puccini personally oversaw the staging of his operas, garnering the praise and esteem of the area.

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