Colle Tondo treasure trove
Near Castiglione, also known as Colle Tondo, one of the first hills on the edge of the plain between Ripa and Strettoia, five silver denari of the Republic Age have been found by chance; they probably belonged to a hoard put aside around 90 b.C.


Pietrasanta, località Castiglione

Conservation status

Finds are kept at the Archeological Museum Bruno Antonucci in Pietrasanta.

Historical Information

The five silver denari found at Colle Tondo present a certain variety of effigies. In the Republic Age, indeed, there were effigies showing mythical figures and mythical or historical events according to the personal taste of the single magistrates responsible for the coinage whose name often appears on the reverse of the coins.
So on the head of the Colle Tondo coins we can see represented gods like Apollo, Mars or the personification of Rome; on the reverse, instead, miscellaneous themes are shown: a two-horse charriot drawn by Victory, the winged Pegasus, a galopping horseman or the struggle between a Roman soldier and a barbarian.
This coinage was struck between the last decade of the IInd century b.C. and the first decade of the Ist century b.C. The more recent specimens are virtually uncirculated: this means that the coins were probably put aside or lost not long after 90 b.C.. That period was marked by the civil war with all its instability and dangers, so more or less consistent sums of money were often hoarded.


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Contacts: Archeological Museum "B. Antonucci"
Era: Beginning of I century b.C.
District/Location: Pietrasanta, locality Castiglione
District: Versilia
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