Ligurian settlement of Monte Altissimo
The valley of the Serra, from Monte Altissimo up to its confluence with the Vezza, where we find the village of Seravezza, has yielded, in its innermost section, the remains of settlements that can be ascribed to the Ligurian occupation of Upper Versilia, to which both the settlement of Monte Lieto and the necropolis of Levigliani bear witness.
Further down, at La Cappella, a tomb, still showing signs of the Ligurian tradition, although it belongs to the Roman period, has been found.


monte Altissimo seravezza

Conservation status

Remains not visible; finds are kept at the Archeological Museum Bruno Antonucci in Pietrasanta.

Historical Information

A series of occasional findings, during road works at La Polla, at the foot of Mount Altissimo, has consented the retrieval of material showing the existence of scattered Ligurian settlements in the area. Most of this material consists of pottery, among which fragments of so called Graeco-italic wine amphorae: they actually came from Campania and Latium and were sold to the Ligurian populations by the Etruscan centres on the coast. The existence of trade relations is further confirmed by the finding of a Roman bronze coin of the IIIrd century b.C.. The settlements of Mount Altissimo, referable to the IIIrd - IInd centuries b.C., together with those that occupied the surrounding range of the Apuan Alps, must have formed a high, fortified, defensive line controlling the Versilia plain and the passes connecting the two sides of the Apuans; this line was particularly important during the direct confrontation with the Roman army.


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Recommended season: Spring - Summer
Era: III-II century b.C.
District/Location: Seravezza
District: Versilia