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Community and Business Museum



District/Location: Stazzema
District: Versilia
Address: Via IV Novembre 70 - 55040  - Levigliani di Stazzema
Telephone: 0584 778405
Lavorare liberi is a genuine community museum conserving the history of one place: Levigliani in Stazzema. This cultural institution bases it work on the special relationship between citizens and their cultural heritage, in a way that brings history to life, making it capable of contributing to present developments as a resource and not just a as an inheritance from the past. "Lavorare liberi" is also a business museum, which traces the history of the mining enterprise most closely connected to the development of the Community of Levigliani – the cooperative “Condomini” – also outlining future prospects and changes in production strategy imposed by daily challenges. The museum exhibition space is divided into three halls. 
Via IV Novembre 70 - 55040  - Levigliani di Stazzema
Marble extraction tools, environmental reconstructions.
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