Ruins of the bridge of Bacciano
Nearby the rocky spur of "Castellaccio" (old and broken-down castle), site of the Castle of the Lords of Bacciano, are still visible the remains of a bridge which spanned the Serchio River in a strategic area of Garfagnana. The earliest documents on the bridge, which definitely collapsed at the beginning of the 17th century, date back to 1345.
A small arch and a pier with cutwaters are the only remains of the bridge. It was built in carefully squared ashlars, whose excellent execution testifies to the bridge crucial importance.
The Lords of Bacciano, ruling over the castle and the bridge, belonged to a small local seigniory tracing back to 1065.
Nearby the bridge, an amazing upward view of the large railway bridge of Villetta may be enjoyed.


San Romano garfagnana


Dating: 14th century
District/Location: San Romano
District: Garfagnana
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