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Dating: 14th century
District/Location: Bagni di Lucca
District: Mediavalle
Bridge Cicuri spans the stream Coccia, in the town of Bagni di Lucca. It is a round-arched footbridge built in sandstone. It may be reached through a footpath, which goes going downhill through the plant life lying over the valley of the stream Coccia. The remains of an old water-mill, whose upper stories have collapsed, are sited near the bridge. The bridge construction was performed by local masons and dates back to the 14th century.
Bagni di Lucca
The bridge is in good state of preservation, despite the missing parapet on the north-side.
  • Archivio Soprintendenza B.A.A.A.S. delle province di Pisa, Lucca, Massa Carrara, Livorno (schedatore: Gherardi A., 2001)
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