Church of Saints Giuseppe and Maria Maddalena

Church of Saints Giuseppe and Maria Maddalena
The new Parish Church of Valdicastello is above all noted for its interior furnishings which include works originally held at the Parish Church of Saints Giovanni and Felicita, such as a valuable wall shrine.


Parrocchia dei SS. Giuseppe e Maria Maddalena Pietrasanta, località Valdicastello Via Valdicastello Carducci 55045 Pietrasanta LU Italia

Historical Information

The first historical records of the village date to 855, but this church took over the role of the old Parish Church of Saints Giovanni and Felicita only in the early 19th century.
In the village centre, the building, - completed in 1827 and consecrated by the archbishop of Pisa Cardinal Cosimo Corsi on 10th July 1865 – was initially an Oratory named after S. Giuseppe, recorded in the "Pastoral visit" of 1694. It houses a number works originally held in the Parish Church of Saints Giovanni and Felicita.
There is a late 15th century marble Eucharistic shrine and a late 16th century painting of particular interest.
The shrine is highly original, compared to those in many of the churches in the area, for the delineation of an interior space in perspective, featuring a vault with lacunars and niches containing angels holding drapes.
The painting is of the Virgin and Child flanked by four saints and the Eternal Father among angels musicians, of modest workmanship although clearly of baroque origin.


Address: Via Valdicastello Carducci, Pietrasanta (LU)
Foundation: IX century
Telephone: +39 0584 772009
District/Location: Pietrasanta, Valdicastello
District: Versilia

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