Museum of Work and Popular Traditions of Historical Versilia

 Museum of Work and Popular Traditions of Historical Versilia
The Historical Museum of Peasantry and Versilian Folk Traditions is housed in Seravezza's Palazzo Mediceo, a mansion built on behalf of Duke Cosimo I de' Medici of Florence and projected by Bernardo Buontalenti, designer of several of the most significant Medicean villas. It lies near the centre of historic Seravezza, on the right bank of the Vezza stream. Today the mansion also houses the Town Library named after Sirio Giannini and the Historical Record Office, as well as important modern and contemporary art exhibitions. Founded by the Town Council of Seravezza in 1980, this Museum is the result of extensive research and documentation work that began in 1973, supported by numerous donations and accompanied by the retrieval of objects and tools. The Peasantry and Folk Traditions Museum is arranged according to modern scientific and didactic exhibition standards and provides information on all the most important productions in Medicean Versilia along an itinerary that includes eleven exhibition rooms.


Viale L. Amadei, 230

Type of collection

Tools of peasant life, tools for craftsmanship, household furnishings, environmental reconstructions.


District/Location: Seravezza
District: Versilia
Address: Palazzo Mediceo, Via del Palazzo, 358
Telephone: +39 0584 757443 / + 39 0584 756046