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District/Location: Pescaglia, locality Celle dei Puccini
District: Piana di Lucca
Address: via Meletori 27
Telephone: +39 320 6077784
The Museum is in the old house (XVIth century) of Giacomo Puccini's ancestors at the centre of the village from where the family originated. The house is a good example of 16th century mansion, with an elegant first floor, a cellar and an attic. Giacomo, 5th and last musician of the Puccini family, loved the place very much; here he spent long months of his childhood and early youth. The museum has two purposes: the first is to show a typical country house with all its furniture, utensils and farm tools and the second is to exhibit in the apartments on the first floor the Puccini relics that were donated by the musician's nephews.
Museo Pucciniano di Celle
House Museum: documents, manuscripts, furniture, personal effects, portraits
The museum was set up in 1976 in the house of Puccini's ancestors bought for this purpose by the "Associazione Lucchesi nel Mondo" together with other heirs. The Museum occupies three floors. On the first floor is a typical musician's drawing room, while the bedroom contains original furniture from the house where Puccini was born in Lucca and the kitchen is that of a country house. The upper floor is dedicated to his ancestors with a room full of family souvenirs such as photographs, documents and pieces of furniture.
On the ground floor two cellars are used mainly for musical events and art or photo exhibitions on topics related to Puccini; in the remaining 6 rooms you can see the piano on which Madame Butterfly was composed, the phonograph donated to the composer by Edison, photos, letters, portraits, musical notes, librettos, posters and magazines of Puccini's time, that give us the opportunity to follow the most important events of his life and artistic carrier.
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