Mostra di Attrezzi di Vita Contadina

Mostra di Attrezzi di Vita Contadina
The cultural society "La Ruota" (so called after the water wheel used for irrigating in the Plain of Lucca) is active in the southern part of Capannori Municipality, an area that includes the two ancient hamlets of Pieve di Vorno and Pieve di Compito at the foot of the Monti Pisani. The society has set up a Permanent Exhibition of Farm Tools with the aim of reconstructing and preserving the folk traditions as well as the old oil mills characteristic of this area.
The exhibition is divided into five sections each dedicated to a specific topic: kitchen, wine cellar, barn and oven, living room, the art of weaving. The rooms depict the living conditions of peasants at the beginning of the XXth century and show the trades of the country folk, such as that of blacksmith or carpenter.


via Sottomonte 376 - 55012 - Capannori località San Leonardo in Treponzio (LU)

Type of collection

Tools and implements, reconstruction of the interiors of peasant houses.

Historical critical news

A Local Board, whose main aim was to help organise the yearly livestock fair in the Municipality of Capannori every first Sunday of September, has been active in S. Leonardo in Treponzio since 1974. The idea of a temporary exhibition of farm tools, within this fair, arose in 1978.
For the following ten years the exhibition remained simply an event within the fair; it was only in 1988 that the activity of collecting and repairing the tools became constant. In 1989 the cultural society "La Ruota" was formed and the Permanent Exhibition of Farm Tools set up. From then on it is the society that keeps the tools which previously had to be given back to their owners at the end of each fair. Besides the rooms showing different aspects of peasant life, many farm tools are exhibited: wooden and metal ploughs, sowing machines, water wheels, irrigation pumps and two threshing machines, one used for wheat, the other for corn cobs. The collection also has a great number of carts, barrels and harrows: in total about 700 articles. During your visit to the exhibition you can also see an XVIIth century water mill that is still in function "F180" in the hamlet of Massa Macinaia.


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District/Location: Capannori, San Leonardo in Treponzio
District: Piana di Lucca
Telephone: 0583 90089 (Ex-District n° 4) / 0583 90104 Rosella Zanasi
Contacts: Associazione Culturale "La Ruota"