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Civic Archaeological Museum of Camaiore



District/Location: Camaiore
District: Versilia
Address: Tori Massoni Palace, Francigena square
Telephone: reception : 0584 986366
Telephone: ufficio: 0584 986335-367
European Heritage Days (EHD)
25-26th September 2021
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The Civic Archaeological Museum of Camaiore, located in Piazza Francigena, was inaugurated on May 14th, 2016 after having been subjected during these years of a long work of restructuring, functional adaptation and installation for to enhance the numerous archaeological and historical testimonies of the territory of Camaiore and Versilia documenting a settlement continuity from Prehistory to the Middle Ages until the protoindustrial age.
The didactic approach chosen for the museum setup also allows the visitor to be guided both from the methodological point of view to a  archeology and scientific research and from the point of view of the framing of the local history that is inserted in the field Of European and Mediterranean cultural evolution. The use of "tactile locations" that allow you to touch many reproductions of archaeological materials by providing a different experience and a more direct approach to archaeology, "experimental workplaces" that allow the visitor to interact even more with Exhibited materials and "experimenting" some of the techniques used by man in the past and "sound and smells", allows to engage emotionally and actively every type of visitor.
There are also films on experimental archaeology on ancient techniques, animations of museum archaeological structures inside the exhibition path and touch screen locations for detailed themes. The visit is organized in 13 rooms, located on the mezzanine floor and at the basement of Palazzo Tori Massoni, a historic Renaissance building.
The archaeological surveys carried out in 2009 during the restoration of the basement revealed the presence of three medieval houses, of which a portion of the restored wall is visible along the route, accompanied by medieval and Renaissance finds in the showrooms dedicated to the rooms The Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
palazzo Tori - piazza Francigena Camaiore
Archaeological finds from the prehistoric, Etruscan, Roman and medieval-Renaissance periods.
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