Museo d'Arte Sacra
In 1936, in a XVIIth century building, seat of the Confraternita di San Michele e San Vincenzo, the Museum of Sacred Art was set up. In origin it was simply a place where paintings, vestments, altar cloths, holy vessels and other sacred objects of the XIVth - XVIth centuries were collected and kept, in particular those exposed to theft in country churches.
At present the Museum is being reorganised and rearranged; two new rooms on the ground floor contain wooden sculptures, paintings and precious jewellery. On the upper floor, in the hall of the Confraternity with its eighteenth century stalls, is a large Flemish tapestry dated 1516; in the remaining rooms a large number of paintings, wooden items used in processions, altar-hangings and sacred silverware made in the XVIIIth century by Lucca´s best craftsmen are exhibited.


Via IV Novembre, 71 - 55041 - Camaiore

Type of collection

Parades and sacred furnishings, paintings on wood, paintings on canvas, VIth - XVIth century, tapestries, goldsmiths, fabrics.

Historical critical news

The exhibition begins on the ground floor with a small wooden figure of the Virgin Mary with Child dated to the end of the XIIIth century; nearby enamelled goblets of Sienese style and the embossed procession cross, dated to the beginning of the XIVth century, from the church of S. Maria Albiano are exposed. Other embossed procession crosses, a chalice, a wooden figure of S. Antonio the abbot and the "polittico dell'Anguilla", together with other objects scattered in different churches of the Camaiore region, prove how the artistic culture that developed in Lucca between the end of the XIVth and the beginning of the XVth century penetrated deeply and extended its influence to the surrounding rural areas.


  • PROCACCI U., Il Museo di arte sacra di Camaiore, 1936


District/Location: Camaiore
District: Versilia

Seat of the Confraternita del Santissimo Sacramento, Via IV Novembre, 71

Telephone: 0584 984182
Contacts: Ufficio Cultura Comune di Camaiore