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Saint Leonard in Treponzio



Address: Via del Borgo, 55012 Capannori (LU)
Telephone: +39 0583 90063
Foundation: XII century
District/Location: Capannori, locality S. Leonardo in Treponzio
District: Piana di Lucca
The church of Saint Leonard in Treponzio, midway between the hamlet of Compito and the small town of Capannori, was built at the beginning of the XIIth century. The rich and original decorations on the façade of the building are particularly interesting; they are generally ascribed to the school of Guidetto.
Capannori, località S.Leonardo in Treponzio, Via del Borgo, 55012 Capannori LU
The church of San Leonardo in Treponzio is situated along an important road attested since Roman times.
The church was first mentioned in 1115. The homonymous hospital, founded in 1105, was probably in the courtyard on the north side of the church. The church was rebuilt in Modern times maintaining basically its original Latin cross structure, datable to the beginning of the XIIth century with a single nave and a semicircular apse. Different building techniques were employed in the eastern and western parts of the building, a difference that can be ascribed to the work of successive groups of masons during the construction. Nothing remains today of the original bell tower, completely rebuilt in 1894 on the south-eastern corner of the church, possibly in the same place of the ancient one.
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