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Saint Michele of Antraccoli



Foundation: VIII century
District/Location: Lucca, locality Antraccoli
District: Piana di Lucca
The church of Saint Michele of Antraccoli was founded in 777, as private chapel of an aristocratic family; in the XIIth century a village grew around it. The church was then rebuilt along Romanesque lines. The development of the village in the following centuries implied also the renovation and enlargement of the church. Today the church of San Michele shows a Latin cross plan with a bell tower on the north side.
Via Vecchia Romana, 877, 55100 Capannori LU
No traces remain today of the early medieval construction; however, considerable parts of the XIIth century building are visible. In that period the church was smaller than it is today and probably consisted simply of a nave with a bell tower on the south side. Rests of the original entrance and walls of the XIIth century church are still visible. Only later was the building enlarged and reached its present dimensions. The third construction phase goes back to the XVII-XIXth century and implied a further increase in height of the façade and of the southern side as well as the substitution of the older windows with new larger ones. In the XVIIIth century a bell tower was built on the north side of the church since the medieval one had been incorporated in the rectory building opposite.
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