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Foundation: 1224
District/Location: Camaiore, locality Monteggiori
District: Versilia
Monteggiori, whose name means small mountain, is one of the most charming villages in the Camaiore area, since it maintains intact its original character of medieval fortified village. It has an enviable position on the slopes of Mount Gabberi dominating the Camaiore valley, as well as Pietrasanta and the coast. The castle of Monteggiori was at the top of the hill, where now the village stands with its paved lanes converging towards the walls of the rocca. Its altitude allowed an easy access to woods and springs; at the same time grapes and olives, up to this day widespread in the Camaiore area, could be grown
Rocca di Monteggiori
The long stretch of wall preserved in south of the village has been recently restored by the owner.
Mentioned in documents since 1224, the castle of Monteggiori used to be property of the Lords of Bozzano. We lack information about its construction; it was occupied by Lucca in 1224 and so shared the fate of the castles of Montemagno, Corvaia and Vallecchia that all fell into the hands of Lucca between the XIIth and XIIIth century. At this time the territory of Camaiore and all Versilia was theatre of the bloody struggle between Lucca and Pisa for the control of the coast and was gradually taken away from its original owners, the local lords.
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