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Address: Via Rotaio, 55041 Camaiore (LU)
Foundation: 1223
District/Location: Camaiore
District: Versilia
In a dominant position on the route of the ancient Via Francigena, among the cultivated hills a vine and olive tree, Rotaio, enjoys an extraordinary charm. Its privileged position had to attract the interests of Lucca which, between the XIIth and XIIIth centuries, was engaged in the wars with Pisa for the control of the coastal areas. Just the municipality of Lucca commissioned, in 1223, the construction of the castle of Rotaio. Its thick triangular walls have a perimeter of about 300 meters and a height of 5. On the entrance door there is a rectangular tower that protrudes outside the walls.
Via Rotaio, 55041 Camaiore LU
The castle is still well preserved.
After definitely wiping out the feudal system in Versilia, Lucca began to fortify new areas and put the castles of the Versilian cattani back into shape. In this context Lucca began, in 1223, the construction of the new castle of Rotaio to stop the advance of Pisans. A watch tower was built at the foot of the mountain.
Between 1315 and 1324 the castle was held by Pisa and further fortified, until Castruccio Castracani, ruler of Lucca, took it back. After the death of Castruccio, however, the Pisans continued to assert their claims on the castle and obtained it again in 1342. Rotaio, together with Pietrasanta and its vicariate, returned under Lucca in 1369 when Emperor Charles IV freed them from Pisan sovereignty.
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