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Stele to the Fallen of San Romano



Contacts: Common of San Romano in Garfagnana
District/Location: San Romano in Garfagnana
Recommended season: all the season
Opening hours: always opened
Entrance: free
Address: Via degli Studi, Loc. Zaffereta
District: Garfagnana
The stele dedicated to all the Fallen (included those of labor) has been realized with cement. On it there is a cross with three legs in a rectangular structure of white cement and you can read the epigraph “...e sia la pace”. The monument is surrounded on three sides by a stone structure, on which there is a plate dedicated to the Fallen. The stele is located in a small Memorial park where, in honour of the Fallen, stay just two trees: a pine and a horse-chestnut.
Via degli Studi, Zaffereta Garfagnana
On the stele: …. e sia la pace

On the plate: San Romano ai suoi caduti
The park and the stele have been realized between 1962 and 1971. The memorial stone has been officially inaugurated on the afternoon of 4th November – with the blessing of Father Pietro Fortini, of San Romano, and the intervention of the mayor of San Romano Garfagnana, Pellegrino Benigni. Many representatives of ex-serviceman's structures and also the families of the Fallen on labor took part to the ceremony.
In the 60's it was born a town committee, presided by Mr. E. Mariani, which has followed all the phases of the funds collect and realizations of the work.
Lina Rossi, painter and teacher, Pieretti of San Romano was the author of the stele.
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