Monument to the Fallen of Caprignana

 Monument to the Fallen of Caprignana
The monument is in honour of the young men of Caprignana, fallen during the first and second world war. The monumental altar, that you can reach by stairs, is formed by two spaces delimited by a wall. In the higher space there is the eighteenth-century portal of the old town church destroyed by the earthquake of 1920. On it, there is the sandstone tombstone with the names and photoes of fifteen Fallen, while on the surrounding land, you can see five plants as memorial to the young men. The metallic yard, near the portal, belongs to the monumental complex.


Strada comunale San Romano Orecchiella, 10


ai suoi caduti
guerra 1915-1918
Guido Satti
Omero Mannolini
Giuseppe Satti
Adolfo Marovelli
Pietro Satti
Luigi Crudeli
Guerra 1940-1945
Alvaro Guaspari
Luigi Fontanini
Domenico Mannolini
Dino Satti
Fernando Mannolini
Giuseppe Satti
Luigi Mannolini
Gino Regoli
Civ. Gina Regoli

Date of realization

Realized between 1994-95, the complex has been officially inaugurated on 13th August 1995.


The monument is in honour of fifteen young Fallen (most of them Alpini), on a total of 65 citizens. The price paid by Caprignana during the two conflicts was really high and all the town had a great desire to honour their people by a monument. For this reason, in the first nineties it has been created a town committee, presided by the Vice-Mayor Elio Crudeli who has followed all the phases of realizations of the monuments.


The author of the monument is unknown.


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Municipality: Common of San Romano in Garfagnana
Recommended season: all the season
Opening hours: always opened
Entrance: free
Location: Caprignana
Address: Municipal road San Romano Orecchiella, 10
District/Location: San Romano in Garfagnana
District: Garfagnana