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Porcari Museum - virtual museum of the Porcari community



District/Location: Porcari
District: Piana di Lucca
Address: Piazza F. Orsi, 1 - 55016 PORCARI (LU)
Telephone: 0583 21181
Contacts: Comune di Porcari
The Porcari Museum - virtual museum of the Porcari community, came about with the aim of showcasing the history and traditions of the Porcari municipality online. A totally virtual space that allows the culture and traditions of the town to be handed down through the generations, bringing them together through a modern medium. The Porcari Museum offers a fascinating visit made up of places, analysis, technology, talks and narration: from the town's first mayor to the arrival of electricity, from war stories to artistic production. The user-friendly website is divided into four main sections: library, historical archive, archeological sites and economy, while featuring a variety of other interesting sub-sections. In essence, it is a memory bank that allows for the coming together of the past, the present and the future, retelling the history of a region and its community, continually evolving, while remaining deeply rooted.
Piazza F. Orsi, 1 Porcari

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