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Period of development: October
Contacts: Fondazione Promo PA
Event type: convention
Address: Real Collegio - Piazza del Collegio 1

A major  benchmark event on technologies for cultural heritage, applied to the enhancement of tourism, cultural heritage and territorial marketing.

Conferences, exhibitions, training seminars, previews and international presentations: a rich calendar of news and events that concentrate around the theme of cultural heritage  taking place every year in October at the Real Collegio di Lucca.

The Event is organized by Promo P.A. Foundation, created under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic.


The XVIII edition of LuBeC - Lucca Beni Culturali, the international meeting of Promo PA Foundation dedicated to the development and knowledge of the supply chain that binds culture and innovation, will be held on 6 and 7 October at the Real Collegio di Lucca, managed by Francesca Velani ( Two intense days of appointments, ll free entrance, with the participation of the Ministry of Culture, the Region of Tuscany and many national and international public and private partners, which will host of the main Italian and international museums directors, economists, writers, philosophers, artists, administrators , managers, operators and experts in the sector discuss about in what, for 18 years, has been the key meeting, at national level, of the debate between public administration, business and third sector, place of cultural aggregation, build-up and  development concerning   cultural heritage of the territories.


LuBeC is a laboratory of ideas in which the meeting between public and private favors the creation of shared projects in the social-cultural and economic field and concrete action strategies, necessary to cope with the social and ecological challenges of the present. By leveraging culture, digitization and cooperation, it is possible to fuel the ongoing transition, as indicated by the most advanced European policies in terms of development and the 2030 Agenda for sustainability. The event will put innovation - of processes, products, technologies and society - at the center of reflections on the present and the near future, deepening the role of culture as an engine of transition and the implementation of PNRR in all measures that interact with culture. Projects, visions, tools and results will be presented and compared on themes ranging from the relationship between culture and metaculture to the role of museums in the future, from the renewed alliance with design and industry to the social and cultural regeneration of villages, from accessibility to the hybridization of genres for the growth of cultural and creative enterprises, up to new authors and new audiences for live entertainment. Support measures for the sector, such as the Cultural Fund of ICS - Istituto per il Credito Sportivo and Art Bonus with Ales, will also be explored as policies to strengthen the dialogue system between public and private sectors. Furthermore, to accompany the change, lay solid foundations for the future and for the work of young people, it is necessary to know in depth the potential of the cultural-digital binomial.

 During these two days, after the success of the last edition, ISIE - International Summit of Immersive Experience will be proposed again, dedicated to the plurality of experiences that can be lived on an intellectual and at a sensory level between real and digital worlds. The theme of the second edition of the Summit will be Museums of the future, a reflection with the most important voices of the Italian and international panorama on how museum institutions will adapt their cultural offer to digital language, on the possibilities offered by the metaverse and the new creative production that in such environment develops on the risks and opportunities of this new paradigm. Born in the cyberpunk field and returned to the center of discussions in recent times, after the announcements of Facebook and other tech companies, the metaverse opens up a plurality of experiences to be lived on an emotional, physical, intellectual and sensory level: in terms of edutainment, the solutions for museums are almost unlimited.

Lucca, Real Collegio

06/10/2022 - 07/10/2022 | LuBeC - Lucca Beni Culturali 2022

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