Casino di caccia di Carlo Ludovico di Borbone

Casino di caccia di Carlo Ludovico di Borbone
The "Casino di caccia" (hunting cottage) of Carlo Ludovico di Borbone (Villa Bellosguardo), was planned by Lorenzo Nottolini in about 1838. The two-storied building overlooks a belvedere terrace, and its shape was planned keeping in mind the relationship with the surrounding landscape.
The plan that was chosen by the duke has a 18th century style. The central body, that has sober architectural lines, is enlivened by the light and shade of the portico, closed by two curved staircases, and by the rococo crowning of the façade, which takes up the curve line of the staircase.


Lucca, località Pieve S. Stefano

Historical critical news

The building is one of the most noteworthy works by Nottolini (1787-1851). Nottolini, who was designated court architect of the Duchess of Lucca in 1818, studied in Florence and in Rome;
notwithstanding his neoclassic education, he had a lively interest in medieval and contemporary architecture. He realized in Lucca several important public works: the aqueduct, the changes at Palazzo Ducale, the new layout of Piazza Anfiteatro. Nottolini planned also the Ponte delle Catene in Fornoli (in the district of Bagni di Lucca), a suspension bridge realized with a forefront technology that he got to know during a journey in England.


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District: Piana di Lucca
Building dating: 1838
Telephone: Claudio Frediani : 0583/349100

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