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Museum of the Identity of Alta Garfagnana "Olimpio Cammelli"



District/Location: Minucciano, Gorfigliano
District: Garfagnana

Località “Chiesa Vecchia” – 55034 Gorfigliano (Lucca)

The museum, which opened May 16th, 2009, is located next to the "Old Church", on top of "Colle di Casa" where once stood the "Castle" and the "Old Country Gorfigliano" and is part of the Ecomuseum of  High Garfagnana. In 1983 by the will of the parish priest Don Alberto Bartolomei began the work of recovery and restructuring of Gorfigliano Old Church, for decades completely abandoned. The meetings took part from the beginning many volunteers who have returned to its former around the Old Church complex. Among the volunteers one of the "leaders" was Olimpio Cammelli, who had collected at his home this enormous collection of objects (over 1300 editor's note) in over 25 years. After his death in 2005 his wife Mrs. Emma Orsi wanted with great sense of civic duty to publish the collection so that he could speak to people as Olimpio wanted. It was constituted for this purpose the Cultural Association "Old Country Gorfigliano" which launched the proposal to set up in the premises adjacent to the Old Church, made by Olimpio and volunteers, a museum dedicated to him, to house the collection of objects. In 2007 the Municipality of Minucciano accepting the proposal of the Association and Ms. Emma designed the Museum  High Garfagnana"Olimpio Camelli". The route starts from a room where they are exposed ancient work machines, the historical reconstruction of Gorfigliano before and after 1900, when here began the excavation of marble; continuing we arrive into a video room where he tells the story of the volunteers "heroes" at work. This leads then to the central hall of the museum, which displays hundreds of items related to the ancient crafts of marble Cavatore, the shoemaker, the shepherd, the carpenter locksmith lumberjack, and many more... Upstairs a whole to the world section the carpentry, a library with reading room, and a meeting room with video conference and conventions.
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