Villa Crastan
The villa appertains to the oldest stretch of the boulevards on the seafront. The building, which was realised during the second half of the Nineteenth century, has façades of classical composition, characterised by a symmetrical layout of the openings on the first and second floors.
Like the small Sofia villa, Crastan villa was also modernised by Galileo Chini in 1920 in keeping with the new Art Nouveau styles. As a matter of fact, the classical façades were enriched with ceramic decorations produced by Chini in Borgo San Lorenzo. Tiles of a stylised floral theme enrich the fascia below the eaves and majolica depicting small cupids are spaced between the first floor openings.
The building is a private property and cannot be visited inside.


Via Zanardelli 2, Viareggio

Historical critical news

The summer house, which belonged to the Crastan family who were from Lucca, was updated in keeping with the new Art Nouveau trends thanks to Galileo Chini.
In the Nineteen twenties there was a general restyling of the boulevards on the seafront. In particular the new buildings which were characterised by the new Art Nouveau style, amongst which the Gran Caffè Margherita, the Duilio 48th and the Supercinema Savoia, sparked restyling work on the façades of the Nineteenth century façades with the introduction of decorative ceramic ornamentation.
The small Arrighi villa is an example of how two ornamental repertoires prevailed in the ceramic decorations of Viareggio: one is connected to Florentine Renaissance tradition re-examined in the light of new trends, the other has a particularly art nouveau flavour.
(source: Alessandra Belluomini Pucci - Centro Studi Cultura Eclettica Liberty e Déco)


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District: Versilia
Building dating: end of the Nineteenth century
District/Location: The building is a private property and cannot be visited inside.

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