The construction was part of a more articulated project which incorporated three small villas designed by Oreste Lenci, a master builder from Viareggio, in 1914.
The structure, which is built on a lot longer than it is wide, has a façade which is characterised by an accentuated vertical development which is created by the juxtaposition of simple volumes (a balustrade and a window with a tympanum). It is characterised by a vertical structure which incorporates architectonic and decorative features as it rises. Features characteristic of Liberty style can be traced in the crowning tympanum: naturalistic moulding, railing decoration and the motif of the feminine protonomes become the pretext which joins the facing and the projecting gables.
The building is a private property and cannot be visited inside.


Via D'Annunzio, Viareggio

Historical critical news

Located in via D'Annunzio, in close proximity to the seafront, Il Guscio bears witness to one of the most important examples of Liberty architecture in Viareggio which typified house building in the period between the last decade of the Nineteenth century and the first thirty years of the Twentieth century. Oreste Lenci, a master builder from Viareggio, proved to be among the most up to date professionals in the field of new Modernist trends which, at that time were made known by way of manuals and specialist architecture and applied art magazines.
(source: Alessandra Belluomini Pucci - Centro Studi Cultura Eclettica Liberty e Déco)


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District: Versilia
Building dating: 1914
District/Location: The building is a private property and cannot be visited inside.