Extra Lucca - summer edition
This event is held every year and promotes the excellence of quality artisan extra virgin olive oil. Designed by Fausto Borella, President of the Accademia Maestro d'Olio. Tastings, food tasting, Terre d’Olio guide and assignment of Master Oil Crowns in the location of the Teatro del Giglio. During the summer, Extra Lucca - Summer edition is held in the ancient Roman forum of Lucca, under the Loggiato Pretorio of Piazza San Michele.


Lucca, piazza del Giglio




Entrance: free
Period of development: february
Municipality/Location: Lucca
Contacts: Accademia Maestrod’olio
Address: Corso Garibaldi, 52 - Lucca
Telephone: +39 0583/495164

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