Dillo in Sintesi
Since 2016, the Synthesis Festival has been held in Lucca, organized by the Dillo in Sintesi association with the aim of enhancing and disseminating synthetic communication, understood as intelligent brevity, in all its expressions and manifestations. The transversality of the theme is what allows us to talk with innumerable subjects in all fields and the heterogeneity of the skills of the founding members is, in some way, the demonstration. Each will be able to make a contribution of ideas and experiences by witnessing his relationship with "making synthesis" and the usefulness of doing it. Journalists, philosophers, photographers, writers, musicians, university professors and television personalities have always enthusiastically adhered to the idea of ​​the Festival. On the occasion of the Festival, the "Teledico in synthesis" Prize is awarded every year.


Lucca, Toscana


25/07/2020 | Inauguration | ore 12
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27/07/2020 | Giuseppe Ungaretti – Le sintesi poetiche, 50 anni dopo | 21:15
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28/07/2020 | L’Orto Botanico di Lucca - Una sintesi del Pianeta verde | ore 21:15
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29/07/2020 | Siamo tutti Alberto Sordi | ore 21:15
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30/07/2020 | Renzo Arbore story | ore 21:15
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31/07/2020 | I programmi brevi di RAI3 | ore 21:15
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01/08/2020 | Asta benefica delle opere degli architetti sul tema della "Accoglienza" | ore 16:30
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01/08/2020 | Buon compleanno Mina | ore 21:15
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Teledico in sintesi Prize

Prizes awarded in previous editions:
  • in 2019 to Franca Leosini
  • in 2018 to Lilli Gruber
  • in 2017 to Letizia Battaglia and Margherita Rimi


Entrance: free
Period of development: July - August
Municipality/Location: Lucca
Contacts: Ass. culturale Dillo in Sintesi
Address: Via N. Sauro 513 - Lucca