Marcia delle Ville
Annual appointment for lovers of marches and outdoor walks, organized by the Marciatori Marliesi running association with the collaboration of the Municipality of Capannori. The march takes place mostly on the northern hills of Capannori in a natural and landscape context of rare beauty, in which the many villas crossed are at the center of the various routes of km 3.5 - Km 7 - Km 10 - Km 16 - Km 20 and Km 28. During the journeys, the runners will cross fields, paths, farms and villas also entering the gardens, appreciating even more the valuable elements of the territory. The event is open to everyone. At the end the prizes are given to the largest groups and to all the participants.


Capannori, Marlia


23/10/2021 - 24/10/2021 | Marcia delle ville - ed. 2021
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Historical news

The first edition of La Marcia delle Ville was organized in 1977 with the name Marcia della Villa, because it concerned only the Villa Reale in Marlia. Over the years, thanks to the commitment of the organizers, the support of the Municipality of Capannori and the active collaboration of the owners of the villas, the number of historic houses that have become part of the circuit of the month of March has increased. Today there are 16! 176 runners took part in the first edition in 1977. In 1982, just five years later, there were more than 1700 participants. The number of participants gradually increased to 4,000 in the late 1990s. At the peak the sensational success of April 25th, 2015 with the presence of over 16,300 participants. A stratospheric result that projects "The March of the Villas" among the most popular marches on a national level. The record of participants was broken at the 42nd edition held in 2018, with 20,000 appearances.


Event type: foot race
Period of development: october
Municipality/Location: Capannori
Contacts: Associazione podistica Marciatori Marliesi