Montecarlo Jazz&Wine

Montecarlo Jazz&Wine
Summer nights in the village of Montecarlo will be animated by Jazz music and excellent wines to enjoy together.
With the collaboration of the Lucca Jazz Club and the artistic coordination of Giangi Zucchini, the event is an invitation to discover the origins of jazz and its classical authors immersed in the historical center of the village, tasting local DOC wines with the support of the FISAR and AIS sommeliers.


Montecarlo, Lucca


12/07/2020 | Mauro Grossi Trio
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18/07/2020 | Laura de Luca Quartet
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25/07/2020 | Marco Cattani Quartet
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01/08/2020 | Michela Lombardi Trio
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08/08/2020 | Riccardo Arrighini & CLJ Group Sara Bergamini Quintet
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Event type: Mostre/Musica
Entrance: free
Period of development: July - August
Municipality/Location: Montecarlo
Address: Istituto Pellegrini Carmignani, via Roma 3

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