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Event type: festival
Entrance: not free
Period of development: 01/11/2023 - 01/11/2023
Municipality/Location: Lucca
Contacts: Lucca Crea srl
Address: Corso Garibaldi 53 - Lucca
Telephone: +39 0583 401711

Lucca Comics & Games is the main European festival dedicated to comics, games, cinema and video games.

The major Cross media show celebrating  pop culture since 1966. Almost 500,000 total visitors, over 40,000 square meters of exhibiting space, 9 exhibitions, hundreds of events including meetings with authors and publishers, shows and concerts. This year's theme is "Together".

For sure it’s an event you can’t miss! 

Lucca Comics & Games takes place in the historic center of Lucca.



01/11/2023 - 05/11/2023 | Lucca Comics & Games
More Info

The second edition of the International Comics Show in Lucca took place  in 1966 (the first one was  in Bordighera  the year before) and can be considered the first edition. That’s whenLucca became the  capital of comics. This  Exhibition was organized for over 10 years,  but in 1976  it became a biennial event and in  1990  six-monthly exhibitions were held in autumn and spring.


The new show went on until 1992: but the following year, the event took the name of Lucca Comics, and in 1995 the name changed again to become  Lucca Comics & Games as it is still today.

However, already in 1993 the Game area was set up with the aim of giving space to a commercial sector similar to the one of the comics area,  in terms of content and customers:  from the beginning the area was characterized by events and activities so to involve the users in gaming  such as tournaments, competitions and recreational areas.


 Between the 90s and the early 2000s numerous innovations, like  role-playing competitions, cosplay and modeling with new open spaces  dedicated to new projects and ideas have been introduced . In 2014, finally even Lucca had its “ Walk of Comics”!  Every year famous Italian and  international guests  leave their handprint  (like the  Hollywood Walk of Fame) on the  pathway!  In 2016  the organizers decided to keep the exhibition open one more day.  And so now it is a  5 day event  where  the city of Lucca  turns  into a colorful open-air theater!

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