Sophia - la Filosofia in festa

Sophia - la Filosofia in festa
Tuscan festival that celebrates and celebrates philosophical thought. Collaborating with some of the most important philosophers and cultural protagonists, each year the event combines academic and informal moments in a varied program, involving students and audiences of all ages, mixing reason and conviviality, alternating teaching with discussion and creating a place comfortable in which to share the love of knowledge and beauty. At the same time, looking at philosophy as a concrete and current tool to learn and understand, the festival offers an opportunity where people can physically meet and talk to each other, benefiting from stimuli and ideas to encourage study, research and free thought. The Festival is directed by Alessandro Montefameglio and organized by the cultural association Rossocarminio of Franca Polizzano.


Pietrasanta, Teatro comunale e Chiostro Sant'Agostino


06/11/2020 - 15/11/2020 | Sophia - la Filosofia in festa
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Time, said Ungaretti, is silent. Yet time has always spoken. He spoke through the mouth of the philosophers, the brush of the artists, the baton of the conductors, the numbers of the physics and those same verses of the poet who said he was incapable of speech. Sophia this year gives voice to time, to a millennial dialogue, which has always taken place in every culture.


Event type: Festival
Entrance: free entry
Period of development: November
Municipality/Location: Pietrasanta
Contacts: Associazione culturale Rossocarminio