LUCCAUTORI - Premio letterario Racconti nella Rete

LUCCAUTORI - Premio letterario Racconti nella Rete
The "Tales in the Net" Literary Award is organized by the LuccAutori Cultural Association. Demetrio Brandi is the creator of the award and the president of the association. Over the years the success of the Tales in the Net award has been widely confirmed both by the increased quality of the documents received and by the large number of participants from Italy and abroad. People can register on the site, that is the platform where the literary project develops each year, and they can publish their own stories, as well as read and comment on those of others. The experience is also enriched by a special section of short stories for children and the Short Stories award reserved for subjects for short films which has been a great success since the first edition of 2010.




18/09/2020 - 07/10/2020 | LUCCAUTORI - Premio letterario Racconti nella Rete
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Event type: literary prize
Entrance: free
Period of development: October
Municipality/Location: Lucca
Contacts: Racconti nella rete
Telephone: +39 0584 651874