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Address: Via S. Paolino, 128, 55100 Lucca LU
Foundation: XVI century
District/Location: Lucca
District: Piana di Lucca
Telephone: +39 0583 53576
Saint Paolino and Saint Donato's church is an example of a Renaissance church. It is in the homonymous street and it is known with Saint Paolino's name. In 1261, after the discovery of the bones of Saint Paolino, the building was rebuilt in 1513. The facade is very simple and it has the statues of the two saints on the sides of the main door. The interior of the church is in stone and is characterized by a barrel roof, also it has maintained its original paintings and sculptures. Saint Paolino is the patron saint of the city of Lucca and is celebrated on July 12th in the days of Saint Paolino.
Via San Paolino, Lucca
Puccini's family went to San Paolino's church. Giacomo Puccini created two motets called "Plaudite populi" and "Credo", dedicated to San Paolino. His fellow citizens appreciated them and Puccini did the same musical pieces in 1878 for San Paolino's party. Both pieces were included in the first performance of the 4-part Mass with orchestra on July 12th, 1880.
Inside the church three paintings represent the city of Lucca surrounded by Roman, Medieval and Renaissance walls. The first is located on the right of the entrance: it is a painting by Amico Aspertini depicting Saint Paulin who holds the city of Lucca surrounded by medieval walls. You can see the corner towers and the limestone curtains. The second, which depicts the city in medieval times, is a painting by Baldassarre di Biagio representing the coronation of the Virgin, kept in the left transept of the church. Beyond the drawbridge, you can see the multiple towers that characterized the city at the time. Finally, in the right transept, a last painting depicting the Miracle of San Paolino in a bird's eye view from a bulwark from which you can see the San Donato door and the brick facing. On 12th July 1664, on the occasion of the celebrations of the party of the Saint, one of the cannons placed in the square of the San Donato bulwark, which should have fired blanks, unloaded a burst of machine gun on a group of devotees who entered the city from the Porta San Donato, affecting many people who did not suffer injuries, due to the intervention of the Saint.
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