Giglio's Square
Giglio's Square is the multidisciplinary exhibition made up of meetings, opera recitals, jazz concerts, readings, happenings and street theater that animates the summer evenings in front of the Giglio's Theater, in Lucca.


piazza del giglio lucca


05/07/2020 | Francesco Niccolini and Igor Vazzaz - Conversation on wolves
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09/07/2020 | Pupi di Stac - The seven-headed dragon
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10/07/2020 | Opera moments: La bohème
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17/07/2020 | Women at the Opera
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23/07/2020 | Snow White - Carretto Theater
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29/07/2020 | Fifth Aere: Scent of brass
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30/07/2020 | The sandbags and Massimiliano Civica in "Andromaca" from Euripides
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Event type: multidisciplinary review
Entrance: not free
Period of development: July
Municipality/Location: Lucca
Contacts: Teatro del Giglio
Address: Piazza del Giglio
Telephone: +39 0583 46531