Moon In The City

Moon In The City
The first walking tour with live guide and immersive experience of Virtual Reality dedicated to the story of the conquest of the sky: from the walls of Lucca to the moon landing. A cultural, innovative and scientific experience to discover the walls of Lucca and the Apollo 11 mission through Virtual Reality technology. The tour, divided into four stages, will start on 11 September and will take place every week until 4 October, from Thursday to Sunday, always starting at 9 pm from the Casermetta san Paolino, Baluardo san Paolino delle Urbane Walls.


Casermetta San Paolino, Lucca


11st September - 4th October 2020


Event type: Tour
Entrance: not free
Period of development: September - October
Municipality/Location: Lucca
Contacts: IAT Città e Piana di Lucca
Address: Casermetta San Paolino
Telephone: +39 0583 442213