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Maritime Museum



District/Location: Viareggio
District: Versilia
Address: via Peschiera, 9 (east embankment)

Tel: 0584/371413-966346

Telephone: 0584 371413 / 966346
The museum was projected in 1920 but it has been carried out just in 2006 in the historic Fish Market building along the bank of Burlamacca canal. The town of Viareggio has confided to this museum the memory of its relationship with the sea. It collects documents, finds, relics which remind the town primacy in shipbuilding industry, in subacqueous explorations and refloatings.
The museum displays a popularization activity by preparing didactic tours, exhibitions, meetings, and books presentations, that aims to spread the wide scientific and technic heritage accumulated in shipbuilding and navigations fields, the local seafaring comunity traditions and its literary and artistic picture.
Via Pescheria, 9, 55049 Viareggio LU
Technical drawings, models, construction site equipment, on-board, fishing, underwater, nautical instruments, on-board and personal documents.
The Museum explains by its object the seafaring traditions of Viareggio, its contribution to the sea activities developement, in the last period of sailing boats. Ships designs and models, master – carpenters’ caulkers’ and sawyers’ tools remind the historic shipyards of Viareggio, which produced sailing vessels admired all over the world for hulls elegance and unquestioned nautical quality. Nautical instrumentation and ship equipement show the long navigation experience and historical evolutions of navigation technics.
Whereas subacqueous equipement tell some pioneer refloating in depth sea, such as the discover of the relic Egypt and the bringing up of its golden and silver shipload by legendary deep-sea divers of Viareggio. The relationship between human beings and sea is narrated by personal papers and board documents; works of art made by local and visiting artists illustrate characters and landascapes almost desappeared.
  • BORELLA G. (a cura di), I palazzi pubblici di Viareggio, Edizioni ETS, Pisa 2003

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