Villa Massei
The edifice of Villa Massei in Massa Macinaia dates back to the 17th century and is an example of those country residences linked to agricultural production and well looked after from an architectural point of view, which were widely spread around the hills surrounding Lucca, notably modifying the landscape. The edifice is built on a hillside and therefore has three floors facing downhill and two facing uphill given the sloping of the land. There is a portico with five arches on the façade facing uphill, forming an area linking the building to the garden. This is a very important and frequent characteristic of the Lucchese villas. The garden is very interesting for its variety of essences and for their architectonic disposition. There is also a little nymphaeum in the garden. An Italian style garden, comprising 16 flower beds with low geometric hedge borders has been planted recently.


villa massei, massa macinaia


villa massei, massa macinaia

Historical critical news

The edifice, dating back to the 17th century, was built in the southern hills of Lucca in a zone, agriculturally rich for its production of olives, vines and mulberries for silk worms.
For a long time, the villa was the country residence of the Senibaldi family , and after many changes of hands, was bought in 1981 by Gil Cohen and Paul Geravais, the present owners. The latest owners are responsible for the restoration of the portico on the façade facing uphill, which had been previously walled up in order to increase space inside the villa, and for the precise architectural and botanic composition of the garden.


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District: Piana di Lucca
Building dating: 17th century
Garden dating: 20th century
District/Location: The garden can be visited in groups of a minimum of 20 people by appointment.