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Reference staff: Arch. Simona Velardi
Telephone: 0583.050060
Fax: 0583.050061
Era: I century b.C.
District/Location: Lucca
District: Piana di Lucca
The Domus Romana "Casa del Fanciullo sul Delfino" is an archaeological site in the center of Lucca discovered in 2010. The site includes walled structures and finds dating back to ancient Rome in the 1st century a.D., and continuing through the periods of the Longobards, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. In this unique setting visitors can witness the development of construction technique as it evolved over 2,000 years in Lucca. Between Roman walls and Renaissance vaults, during the visit or during conviviality and tastings, in an atmosphere of particular charm, made even more attractive by original soundtracks and themed videos, you can relive the history of Lucca and taste the delicacies of its ancient culture. Typical objects of everyday life and some of a votive nature have been brought to light. Among those of greater merit, a Sestertius issued in 14th a.D. by the Emperor Tiberius and a Fibula in bronze of the Augustan age. Very significant is the terracotta frieze from which the Domus takes its name, depicting two Putti riding Delfini. Reproductions of some objects found can be purchased at the Antica Vetrina della Domus Romana. The Roman Domus also organizes recreational initiatives aimed at schools with the aim of making known the history of peoples through its testimonies, with educational-training systems that go beyond the purely archaeological field.
Via Cesare Battisti 15 Lucca
In excellent condition.
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